Bing Productions continues the mission of the former Bing Arts Center.

The “X” Main Street Corporation

The X Main Street Corporation (XMSC), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, was formed in 1995 to help revitalize Springfield’s Forest Park neighborhood, the “X” commercial district, and the Sumner Avenue corridor. The organization started the Forest Park Farmers’ Market, operated a food security program, and was instrumental in securing significant streetscape improvements.

XMSC also managed a façade improvement program and developed and presented a series of technical assistance seminars for local businesses. In 2002 the board of directors chose to adopt the strategy of encouraging arts accessibility to strengthen the community culturally and economically. XMSC became the preferred developer for the vacant Bing Theater, which had been taken by the City of Springfield in 1999 for non-payment of taxes. In December 2004 the organization purchased the property and began renovation efforts, opening the facility as the Bing Arts Center for public use in June 2010.

Concerts, spoken word performances, exhibitions, and screenings by regionally, nationally, and internationally acclaimed artists, poets and filmmakers provided cultural enrichment and memorable experiences for audiences of all ages. The Bing Arts Center served the community as a cultural hub through the beginning of March 2020 when the pandemic ended live performances and gatherings.

Unfortunately, the year-long loss of programming income made it impossible to sustain the maintenance and operational costs of the facility. The board sold the property in March 2021. Although we no longer own a building, our new entity, Bing Productions, will continue bringing people together through shared cultural experiences at various locations across the region.