Bing Productions continues the mission of the former Bing Arts Center.

The Galleries

The Bing Arts Center features three galleries, west, center, and east, which can be used effectively for the presentation of single or multiple shows. Art on the walls is quite visible to pedestrians and vehicles passing by on Sumner Avenue (one of the busiest thoroughfares in Springfield.) The walls have plywood under the sheet rock making them suitable for hanging heavy pieces when required.

The east and west galleries were originally separate storefronts without internal doors connecting them to the theater. They have external doors that are locked during gallery hours to enhance security for the art. These rooms are nearly identical, but the west gallery has a small closet and a storage space that includes a sink. This room works well for studio classes in addition to exhibition use.

The center gallery serves as the entrance foyer with a ticket counter, and provides extra seating space for especially well-attended performances and screenings. It offers two walls for display, which can effectively direct patrons into the side galleries. Art hung in this room catches the attention of everyone entering the Bing, regardless of whether they are there for a performance, screening, or meeting.