Bing Productions continues the mission of the former Bing Arts Center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who owns the Bing?

The “X” Main Street Corporation (XMSC), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, purchased the Bing from the City of Springfield in 2004. (The property was taken by the City in 1999 for non-payment of taxes.)

What does XMSC intend to accomplish with this renovation effort?

The Bing Arts Center is intended to serve as a catalyst for economic development and improved quality of life.


The Bing renovation and development project is the centerpiece of XMSC’s strategic plan to revitalize the “X” commercial district and the Forest Park neighborhood. The board of directors decided that attracting patrons and consumers of arts and culture is the most efficient method available to effect positive community change. Cultural development projects have a record of great success across the nation.

Why do you think this will work here?

This is the largest and most diverse neighborhood, socio-economically, culturally, and ethnically, in Western Massachusetts. Forty thousand cars a day drive by on Sumner Avenue, one of the busiest arteries in Greater Springfield. There is a strong need for stimulating multi-cultural community programming. This is our “cool neighborhood program.” If you make the area culturally attractive, people will want to come here, spend money here, and live here. Good things on many levels will result!

Will there be regular programming?

Our regular programming has already begun. We are in the process of incrementally increasing from part to full-time. Operational funding is needed for us to fully develop the cultural potential.

What about movies?

We presented an Independent Filmmakers’ Series featuring locally and regionally produced films screened and followed by Q & A’s with the filmmakers in Fall 2012. We also held a bi-weekly World Film Series for our Summer 2013 programming, thanks to a grant from the Springfield Cultural Council.

We typically offer one film per month, and often feature independent films by established, emerging, and student filmmakers. Please check our event scheduling to find the next film offering!

When will the renovations be done?

It’s mainly about the funding. It takes longer to raise the money required than to actually do the construction. The project can be finished in a year or so once the necessary funds are in place. Special thanks to MassMutual for their generous donation in order to secure a new roof for the Bing in 2011.

What about parking?

Our Parking Map shows some of the best spots to park nearby. We are developing a strategy to address the parking situation. We are exploring the possibility of having Buckler Street (behind the Bing) changed to one-way with diagonal parking for more than thirty vehicles. There is a considerable amount of on street parking already available. Some of our business neighbors may be willing to allow our patrons to park in their lots during evening programs and events. One may find it interesting to recall that from 1950 until 1999, the Bing Theater had a capacity of 900 with no designated parking of its own.

What can we do to help?

Showing support by attending events, spreading the word among family, friends, and associates is very helpful. Providing financial support by making donations and joining the Bing Arts Center as sustaining members is also vital to our efforts, especially at this point in our development.